Stacey Champion's Priority Mail puppy "Guess" going up for adoption [UPDATES]

Guess the Schnoodle needs a new home.

Guess the Schnoodle needs a new home.

Stacey Champion put on a good show last week in court about how she wanted her puppy back, after trying send it in a sealed cardboard box via Priority Mail to Atlanta. But she didn't walk the talk.

A judge gave her a week to put up the cash and file the papers to retake possession of "Guess." That deadline came and went yesterday with no action on Champion's part, so the puppy is going up for adoption.


Champion's sorry story started in January when she showed up at the post office on 12th Street North and asked to send a box Priority Mail. It was a present for her 11-year-old son, a toy robot, she told a postal worker. She paid $22 in shipping and left.

Postal workers knew something was wrong when the box started moving on its own, and they heard panting inside. They opened it, and out popped "Guess."

The puppy had no food or water, and air holes in the box had been taped shut. Had the box actually been mailed, it would have been thrown in an unheated, unpressurized cargo hold on a jet--Guess would have died before the child in Atlanta got to open the box.

Champion was charged with animal cruelty. Guess took up residence at the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control Center.

Now it's time for the Priority Mail puppy to find a new home. But if you want to adopt Guess, don't call the shelter. Demand for the puppy has been so high that the city plans to announce a special adoption process today or tomorrow, so check back here for details.

UPDATE: The puppy will be put up for adoption on Friday, Feb. 18 at 2 p.m.

Guess is being cared for at the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control Center.

Guess is being cared for at the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control Center.

Anyone with an interest in adopting Guess should come to the shelter and submit their names for the drawing. At about 2:15 p.m., 10 names will be drawn and numbered sequentially. The people whose names are selected will fill out a brief screening application to determine compatibility to adopt the puppy. The first person whose name is drawn and is determined eligible to adopt the puppy will pay the standard adoption fee and appropriate pet license fees. They will also have to sign an agreement to have Guess neutered at Spay Day before being able to take Guess home.

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