Stacey Champion wants her Priority Mail puppy back [UPDATE]

"Guess" the puppy was rescued from being mailed to Georgia in an airless box.

"Guess" the puppy was rescued from being mailed to Georgia in an airless box.

Stacey Champion knows no shame. This time last week, she walked into the Post Office on 12th Street North and tried to send a four-month-old puppy in an airless Priority Mail box to Georgia.

After her bone-headed gambit was derailed by alert postal employees and "Guess" the Schnauzer poodle mix rescued from a near-certain death ride, Champion demanded her $22 in postage back -- as well as the puppy.


It sounds unbelievable, but it's true. Champion plunked down $250 in fees and plans to plead for the Schnauzer-Poodle's return in a court hearing on Monday. If she wins, she gets Guess back. If she loses, Guess goes up for adoption.

The 39-year-old woman has already been charged with animal cruelty, and Guess is recovering at the city's animal control shelter. The story made headlines from London to Los Angeles, and the pound is hearing from would-be volunteers from all over the country willing to give Guess a new home.

UPDATE: The case has drawn so much attention that the City of Minneapolis issued a statement today outlining the adoption process:

While Minneapolis' adoption policy is a general first-come first-served policy, the process involves a basic screening of potential owners to ensure that the owner and adopted animal are an appropriate fit for each other. If more than one person is interested and present at the Animal Care & Control shelter at the time the animal is made available for adoption, a drawing of all interested parties would occur.

What do you think? Should she get the puppy back?

UPDATE 2: Stacey Champion: I didn't mail that puppy! [VIDEO]