Stabbing victim dies in northeast Minneapolis


The city got its 22nd homicide of 2011 early this morning, after police found a series of victims from a stabbing episode.

The discoveries started at around 2:30 a.m., when a woman walked into the second precinct police office at 1911 Central Avenue Northeast. The woman had been stabbed, and alerted police there was another victim in northeast Minneapolis, sayind he'd be at 1016 Lowry Avenue.

Cops raced out to that address, but on the way there saw two more stabbing victims, both men. The men were found, bleeding, within blocks of the victim police had been sent to find on Lowry Avenue, who was dead when police got there.



Sergeant Steve McCarty said police believe the stabbings are all related. 

The other two men and the woman were all taken to HCMC with non-life threatening injuries, and no identities of anyone involved have been released.

The case has been turned over to homicide detectives, and police are taking calls on this awful mess at the TIPS line, 612-692-8477.