St. Thomas prof Robert Delahunty dogged by torture opponents

Thanks for your legal expertise.
Thanks for your legal expertise.

Another year is starting at St. Thomas University Law School, torture-memo author Robert Delahunty is preparing to teach his classes, and protesters are once again dressing up like Abu-Grahib detainees to protest his continued presence on the faculty.

Before he joined the St. Thomas faculty in 2004, Delahunty worked in the Office of Legal Council at the Justice Department, where he wrote a series of memos that critics say paved the way for American torture of detainees.

In one of the memos, co-authored with John Yoo, Delahunty argued that captured al Qaeda and Taliban suspects aren't protected by the Geneva Conventions.

Civil liberties groups like Tackling Torture at the Top have been trying to hold Delahunty accountable ever since, calling on St. Thomas to kick him off the faculty. No dice. Laurence LeJeune, the chair of the university's Board of Governors, recently told the group that St. Thomas knows all about Delahunty's track record in the Bush administration, and is sticking with him anyway.

Indymedia has pictures of the protest, including shots of Delahunty looking like this is not his preferred way to start the school year.

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