St. Paulite selling all her possessions on eBay has auction pulled on a technicality

It was widely reported yesterday that St. Paul resident Lisa Perry, in the throes of a self-described "mid-life excitement," was selling all her possessions in a single eBay auction. Today, however, Perry's eBay listing abruptly vanished. Had Perry suddenly gotten cold feet? No, says eBay spokeswoman Catherine English, the 45-year-old free spirit just hadn't played by eBay's rules. Explains English: Perry made mention of proceeds from the sale going to charity, but company policy says you need to back up such a claim with proof. Perry didn't. And so her stuff was zapped. "She'll be welcome to re-list her items in a way that complies with company policies," English assured. So, that's the good news for the charities. The bad? The bidding, which according to the Strib had reached $2,325 early this morning, will start at zero.