St. Paul to investigate girl's 'deeply disturbing' arrest in UPS store [VIDEO]

Even a St. Paul Police spokesman admits watching an arrest is not easy.

Even a St. Paul Police spokesman admits watching an arrest is not easy. Pioneer Press/YouTube

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter said Wednesday he'd called upon the city police department to find out why multiple officers subdued and arrested a 13-year-old girl inside a UPS store one week ago.

The clip filmed by UPS store employee Helen Dillman shows a chaotic scene, with cops pinning the girl to the ground and trying to put in her handcuffs while bystanders and her friends chime in. 

"You're under arrest!" one officer yells. "Roll over!"

"No I'm not!" the girl yells back. "I was with my cousin at the BP [gas station]."

"And you're not allowed to be at the BP," a cop says back. 

The girl continues to struggle against attempts to handcuff her, screaming as the first cop commands "Do not fight me!"

"Baby girl don't make it worse," one witness says, before telling a cop to "watch where you put your knee, it's on her head."

Another says: "She's throwing up, guys."

Dillman told the Pioneer Press she was surprised to see cops "react so aggressively that immediately." St. Paul Police Department spokesman Steve Linders explained an officer had seen the girl in the parking lot of a troublesome Midway neighborhood BP, the same one the city's trying to shut down for its high crime rate.

Though the scene Dillman captured and uploaded to Facebook has since been taken down, the Pioneer Press posted the video to its YouTube channel. 

The girl is "banned from the property until August 2020 because she has been a chronic problem at that location," Linders tells the Pioneer Press, citing arrests for assault, property theft, auto theft, and other crimes at the gas station. The cop recognized her, then pursued her to the UPS store where the clip plays out.

Carter calls the tape "deeply disturbing to watch," and says he's asked Police Chief Todd Axtell to start an internal affairs review "as soon as possible." Linders, speaking for the police, conceded it is not easy to watch the arrest of someone "who's physically resisting."