St. Paul to add domestic partner registry


The St. Paul City Council is set to pass an ordinance today that will create a registry for domestic partners in the city.

The ordinance allows couples to receive a certificate recognizing their committed relationship. The certificate has no legal protections or additional benefits, but advocates for gay marriage say it's another step in their fight for recognition and equality.

More from Minnesota Public Radio:

The certification does not provide any legal protections or benefits, but Amy Johnson, the executive director of OutFront Minnesota, said she welcomes the largely symbolic gesture.

"It matters that the city is saying, 'We recognize that you're a couple, and we want afford you as much dignity and respect as we can recognize your relationship,'" Johnson said. "It means a lot for the government to even symbolically recognize us."

Minneapolis has had a similar system for 18 years and 1,660 couples have registered. Duluth added a registry June 22 and nine couples have registered. There are more than 75 U.S. cities with these ordinances.