St. Paul takes art to the streets

Do you have road rage? Are you currently driving down the street at 90 mph while reading this from your iPhone? It's time to stop flipping the bird at that school bus because calming street art is coming to St. Paul.

The signs are about the same size as regular traffic signs and feature unusual designs including mazes, bright clovers, and even optical illusions. Many drivers become accustomed to signage on the routes they regularly drive, so the idea of this project is shake people out of their routine, slowing things down and heightening awareness in neighborhoods.

Art signs will move about designated areas along Hamline Avenue from Charles to Blair and Thomas Avenue from Pascal to Griggs so that drivers don't become too accustomed to them, with each selected spot hosting the art for ten weeks. The project will run through 2009. The signs are not intended to replace real traffic signs, so yes, you still have to make that full stop and yield when told to.

Part of the "Art of Traffic Calming" project, the signs are the brainchild of City of Saint Paul Public Works, and will be underwritten by non–profit group Public Art Saint Paul. For more info call the project’s hotline at 651.266.6216.

Here's some more samples of what you can expect to see around the area in the next two years.

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