St. Paul school sub caught boozing on the job

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:


Naughty children lead substitute teacher to the bottle
A St. Paul elementary school substitute teacher was caught drunk while teaching students. He even had a pint of Phillips vodka just in case he needed another swig. The sub was busted with a blood-alcohol level of 0.18 and promptly driven home. He has been fired from the school district and parents received a letter about the incident.

American journalist detained in Iran in good spirit
Roxana Saberi, a journalist from Fargo and Minnesota college graduate detained in Iran, is in good spirits, her lawyer Abdolsamad Khorramshahi said. He has met with her twice in the last week. Saberi knows of the charges against her, he said. She is accused of engaging in "illegal" activities as a reporter.

Massage therapist who exposed himself sentenced to probation
A St. Paul massage therapist pleaded guilty to indecent exposure while on the job and is now sentenced to a year of probation. This is disgusting: The man went to a woman's home to perform a massage. While she was partially clothed and face down on the table, the man exposed himself. She never saw him naked, but felt a wet spot on the blanket. It tested positive for semen.

Man who constructed Molotov cocktails for RNC gets 42-month prison sentence
The Michigan man charged with making Molotov cocktails to be used at the Republican National Convention will serve 42 months in prison.

Sun Country pays off debt, announces plans to expand
Sun Country, the airline carrier based in Minnesota seems to have saved itself from death after some major worries with the fall of Tom Petters. The company says it repaid a loan it took out last year in their bankruptcy filings. The airline plans to announce another route today.

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