St. Paul says sayonara to candy cigs

All of the coolest kids in St. Paul will have to get their parents to drive them over the river if they have a craving for some candy cigs. The St. Paul City Council banned the sale of the fake candy smoking products and lighters featuring cartoon characters.

The decision was unanimous and could be the first city in the United States to ban the sale of candy cigarettes, says the Star Tribune.

Could this be a slippery slope of banning kind of ridiculous things from children? Maybe. If you have to ban candy cigarettes in hopes that kids won't think smoking is cool anymore, what's next? Banning toy guns so kids don't think shooting each other is an easy way to solve problems? Well that's a little logical. But what about that awesomely terrible Indian bow and arrow set my brother begged for as a kid? That could lead him to shoot an arrow through someone because he thought it was crazy fun pretend.

Although this ordinance seems well intentioned, it seems to be missing the point. Kids want to emulate adults in their life and if the people they look up to are smoking, they probably want to pretend smoke too. Just like kids get play cell phones, mini vacuums, and their own electric cars. I munched on a few candy cigs in my lifetime and you don't see me lighting up on a daily basis. I kicked that candy habit like it was nothing. Let's try to encourage parents to be responsible instead of banning everything on earth to shelter our children.

But like we've said before, bravo to the teenagers who got this ordinance passed. Getting young people involved in the government process is always a good thing and especially encouraging when they are successful.