St. Paul Saints to become St. Paul Aints on Minnesota Atheists night

For one night, Midway Stadium will be home to the Aints.
For one night, Midway Stadium will be home to the Aints.
St. Paul Saints

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On August 10, the St. Paul Saints will risk offending Him in order to accommodate the Minnesota Atheists.

On "A Night of Unbelievable Fun," the Saints will become the St. Paul Aints. They'll wear custom-made jerseys sans the "S," and the "S" on all banners and signs throughout Midway Stadium will be crossed off (the jerseys will later be auctioned for charity). Dave Silverman, president of American Atheists, will throw out the first pitch.

What would Jesus think? Saints General Manager Derek Sharrer hopes He understands it's no big deal.

"It will be all in good fun," Sharrer told Fox Sports North. "This isn't about mocking or ridiculing any one belief."

Nonetheless, Sharrer said fans are mistaken if they think the team's name implies any sort of affiliation with Christianity.

"The team name itself is just that--it's a team name," he said, adding that "we didn't name the team the Saints to make any sort of religious statement."

Religious philosophers might advise Sharrer to study up on the Pascal's Wager argument. It posits that there's more to be gained from wagering on the existence of God than from atheism. Therefore, the argument goes, a rational person should live as though God exists, even though the truth of the matter cannot actually be known.

But, religious philosophers aside, we're fine with the Saints having some fun with their name and making the Minnesota Atheists feel welcome. And if nothing else, those "St. Paul Aints" jerseys will make for cool collectors' items.

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