St. Paul Saints present Count von "Re"Count


Greetings! It is I, the Count. You are just in time to count ballots with me. One, one ballot. Two, two, ballots. Ah ah ah! I love it! Isn’t that fun? Wait… this doesn’t look like two ballots.

During a tedious and often too-serious Senate ballot recount, the St. Paul Saints know how to lift spirits. In another smart public relations move, the Saints announced their next must-have souvenir: Count von “Re”Count. The figurine, which resembles a bobblehead, will instead have a spinning head that changes the winner faster than you can count ballots. One side is Al Franken, one side is Sen. Norm Coleman. Getting dizzy yet?

“This is just the Saints being the Saints,” said spokesman Sean Aronson. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Fun is good.”

The first 2,500 fans that enter the gates on Sat. May 23 will receive “Re”Count, but Aronson warns that number could change based on any that may be “discovered” in an employee’s car.

“Re”Count is even getting chuckles out of the staffers facing the massive recount in the state, Aronson says. A former Saints intern is now working on the recount and emailed him to say that Minneapolis Elections Director Cindy Reichert, who was accused of “finding” ballots in her car, laughed about the incident for the first time when she heard of “Re”Count. The “ballots in the car” incident has since been debunked.

This isn’t the first time the Saints have poked fun at politics. Last year they released a “Bobblefoot” lampooning Sen. Larry Craig’s Minneapolis bathroom incident.