St. Paul Saints delete yucky tweet of dead bird [PHOTO]


In the midst of their last season in the classic confines of Midway Stadium, the St. Paul Saints are currently in first place.

But one of their social media people got gross in trying to convey his or her excitement to the team's Twitter followers.

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Here's a tweet that briefly appeared yesterday morning:


Sean Aronson, director of broadcasting and media relations for the Saints, tells us that "95 percent of the tweets that come from our account come from me," but this was one of the exceptions.

"We try to be humorous and Saints-like, but there's no doubt there's a [social] media policy and we don't want to put anything out that's going to be offensive or derogatory or anything like that," Aronson says.

Without naming names, Aronson says the tweet in question was published by a Saints staffer who meant to publish it on a personal account. Though no apology was offered, the same staffer deleted the tweet roughly 10 minutes later after it received a handful of negative responses.

"It becomes a lesson to everyone that when you have the keys to two separate cars, you better make sure to grab the right ones," Aronson says.

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