St. Paul road sign reads, "Local Moms Need C**k" [PHOTO]

Tuesday night, someone messed with an electronic sign that was supposed to warn drivers about the flooding-induced closure of a stretch of Shepard Road in St. Paul.

As you can see above, the message was manipulated to read, "Local Moms Need Cock." See also: Minnesotans have relatively little sexual stamina, study says

We're not sure about what local moms actually need or want when it comes to man parts, but the general manager of the company that owns the sign in question tells us the hooligan responsible for messing with it "would have to have knowledge of the system, overall" to pull off such a dastardly stunt.

Though he remained understandably tight-lipped so as to not give up too many secrets, general manager Pete Lein said some electronic road signs can be changed either at the sign itself or via remote access. But the Pioneer Press, quoting another Safety Signs official, reports that the sign in question isn't remotely accessible, so the sexed-up vandal must've done his nefarious work right on the roadside.

Sure, it's pretty damn funny, but we can't help but think about other messages that could be squeezed into that many characters. "Eat My Shorts" immediately comes to mind... "Look Out For IEDs" would be interesting too, though that's probably too mean/dangerous/potentially criminal. Anyway, if you have your own ideas, let's hear 'em in the comments.

And before you head to Shepard Road with visions of flashing "Your Car Sux" signs dancing in your head, know that the sign in question has already been removed, as Shepard Road isn't closed anymore.

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