St. Paul intern principal Brian White Jr. isn't high on black women, gay people


Brian White Jr. is an intern principal at John A. Johnson Elementary in St. Paul. And he’s got some bonkers ideas about black women.

On March 6, White made a post on his personal Facebook page that pins the blame on black women for ousting black men from their families by taking welfare money that came “along with ideas of not needing a man.”

It’s laughably sexist and makes no sense, but offers such outlandish hot takes as, “1970 – BLACK WOMAN WAS GIVEN IDEA SHE IS INDEPENDENT AND STRONG” and concludes with, “2016 – BLACK WOMEN ON FACEBOOK GROUPS TRYING TO AVOID THE PAST DECISIONS THEY HAVE MADE TO DESTROY THE BLACK COMMUNITY.”

That's not all. White believes that feminism is a form of tyranny... 

... And that they would be better off in the kitchen.

Separately, White also dislikes gay people, like Magic Johnson's son EJ Johnson:

Brian White Jr.'s Facebook is littered with sexist, homophobic posts.

Brian White Jr.'s Facebook is littered with sexist, homophobic posts.

A number of St. Paul Public Schools teachers and parents caught on to the posts and argued with White in a Facebook thread that stretched hundreds of comments long on the page, “Supporting St. Paul Students and Teachers.”

Shortly after the Facebook scrimmage, the 3,000-member page was abruptly shut down. Attempts to reach Brad Sigal, the page administrator, for an explanation were unsuccessful.  

In recent weeks, St. Paul schools have been grappling with the question of what staff can or cannot post on social media. At Como Park Senior High, special ed teacher Theo Olson has been under fire for some Facebook posts where he describes violence at school. When Rashad Turner of Black Lives Matter St. Paul accused Olson of racism, the district suspended Olson pending an investigation into his blog, which focuses on the challenge of engaging students of color as a white teacher.

Though teachers and parents have complained to St. Paul Public Schools about White’s Facebook, no disciplinary action has been taken. Johnson Principal Lisa Gruenewald said she would forward the screenshots to HR. White did not respond for comment Tuesday.

The Minnesota Department of Education shows that White, whose staff page lists him as an administrator, lacks an actual administrator license. To get an administrator license, a teacher must have at least three years of classroom experience. It's not clear if White has a teaching license either.