St. Paul police shoot, kill suspect

St. Paul police shoot, kill suspect

-- Update at bottom --

Around 6:20 this morning in an area of Plato Boulevard and Wabasha Street, St. Paul police shot and killed a suspect.

It's unclear at this point why police wanted to apprehend the man in the first place, but multiple witness reports indicate the man was throwing rocks and trying to punch officers before he charged at one of them and was gunned down.

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Here's what the St. Paul PD said about the incident on Twitter:

We reached out to the PD's two public information officers for more information, but haven't heard back as this is published. A press conference outside the PD's headquarters is scheduled for 1 p.m. today.

Here are tweets from reporters who were at the scene:

:::: UPDATE ::::

During this afternoon's presser, police, citing a 911 transcript, said the man who was shot by officers this morning was walking down a street wielding a pipe and bashing in windows. At one point a caller said he was "smashing [a] school bus."

The suspect, who was described as Mexican, appeared to be high on something, the caller said.

Officers say the man confronted them with a large rock when they arrived at the scene.

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