St. Paul Police seek help finding suspect in attempted abduction [VIDEO]


The suspect in the near-abduction is described as 5-foot-4 and somewhere between age 50 and 60. Certified Auto Repair

Last Friday in St. Paul, a man seemed to try abducting a teenage girl off the street in broad daylight. 

The 17-year-old told police she was walking down Chatsworth Street in the Como neighborhood when a short man, estimated to be in his 50s, passed by. The girl said hello, and the man moved toward her unexpectedly and grabbed her arm.

"Me home," the man said, repeatedly, pulling the girl by her arm. He also told the girl he loved her and groped her breast.

A Good Samaritan driving by the scene recognized something was amiss and pulled over, approaching the two of them and telling the man to let her go. The woman ultimately intervened physically, breaking the man's grip from his victim, and ushering her into the car for a quick escape, leaving the man behind.

He was gone when police arrived at the scene, but police believe he was captured on video footage from the nearby Certified Auto Repair shop. The man is described as about 5-foot-4 in height, age 50-60, and was seen wearing a hat, a long white robe, and a colorful shirt. 

He is believed to be of Karen (Burmese) descent. 

If you recognize the man in the video below, contact the St. Paul Police Department at 651-266-5685 with any information that might help them locate him. 

Click here to watch the Certified Auto Repair shop video of the suspect

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