St. Paul police find secret dungeon in man's home


When police responded to a call at a St. Paul home during a domestic dispute, they found a whole other world underground. The man's ex-girlfriend called police and said she was being held captive in his basement and when police arrived, they found a dungeon with secret rooms, guns, and surveillance cameras.

Jerrod Negen, 29, also called police that night, alleging that his ex-girlfriend was threatening to harm their baby and was running around the room with knives. The girlfriend claimed she was being held against her will for days while Negen questioned her about stealing money.

Negen was charged with illegal possession of a firearm, but police might press more charges based on the dungeon evidence.

More from the Pioneer Press:
Police obtained a search warrant and found bars secured with padlocks over the basement and main-floor windows, the complaint says. The main doors had 2-by-4s across frames embedded into walls. The home also had secret compartments and surveillance equipment on the outside of the house and garage.

Officers found four guns, ammunition and shotgun shells, the complaint says. They also found rare coins, jewelry, drug paraphernalia, a police scanner, Mace and two stun guns.

If convicted, Negen could serve 15 years in prison and pay a $30,000 fine. But we still have more unanswered questions. This whole dungeon seems a little much for one episode of intense questioning of his ex-girlfriend. What was this man planning to do with this space? Or how has he used it in the past? Not the type of person you'd want to relate with.