St. Paul police find car theft suspect naked, taking a bath

Mario Zacate
Mario Zacate

Yesterday evening, St. Paul police got an eyeful of car theft suspect Mario Zacate's birthday suit when they arrested him while he was taking a bath. Zacate worked up a sweat by allegedly stealing a car, getting into a wreck, and then fleeing the scene.

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Zacate, a 20-year-old Brooklyn Park resident, allegedly stole a car from Tires & More, a St. Paul auto repair shop where he was known to hang out.

The Pioneer Press, citing the criminal complaint, reports that Zacate simply hopped in a 1996 Honda Accord in the repair shop's parking lot and took off. He ran a stop sign at Minnehaha Avenue and Cypress Street and crashed into another car. Zacate's car flipped and he took off on foot for a friend's house. The woman in the other car suffered minor injuries.

A police dog tracked Zacate roughly nine blocks to his friend's house. Officers went in and found him naked, enjoying his cold bath.

It could be the last bathtub he sits in for some time. Zacate's is currently in Ramsey County Jail awaiting criminal vehicular operation and auto theft charges.

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