St. Paul Parks and Recreation Sponsor Another Year of Rec Check

Rec Check is a "check-in" service for children, in first to sixth grades, who participate in after-school recreation programs. Upon arrival at the recreation center, children check-in with a staff person and then check out when leaving. Parents are notified when their child does not check in at the center.

Youth take part in a variety of supervised activities such as games, crafts, sports, homework help, and field trips. The program is held Monday-Friday, 3-6 p.m. Children can be enrolled from one to five days per week and registration is done on a quarterly basis. Rec Check runs through June 10 and the program is free.

Rec Check is located at the following recreation centers: Arlington, Dayton's Bluff, Dultuh & Case, El Rio Vista, Homecroft, Margaret, McDonough, Orchard, Palace, Rice, Scheffer, Sylvan, and Wilder. For more information, call 266-6400.

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