St. Paul Outlaws Backyard Bow and Arrow Practice

After more than a year of debate and postponement, St. Paul finally banned backyard archery yesterday.

The movement was started when Council Member Russ Stark got a complaint from one of his constituents about a neighbor who lets his kids practice archery in the backyard. See also: Minnesota Teacher Shoots Gopher With Arrow During Archery Class, Is Placed on Leave

Watching the kids next door zipping deadly arrows all over the place is an unsettling experience, writes Kimberly Koempel.

"It seems crazy to me that just anybody could pick up a weapon like a bow and arrow and shoot it in their backyard where other people could be harmed," she wrote. "My neighbor allows his children to practice archery in the backyard in preparation for their hunting trips. This is not okay."

Cities have enacted an uneven patchwork of bans throughout the Twin Cities metro over the last decade. It seems like the safe thing to do is save practice for the range.

In 2013 16-year-old Spencer Swanson was killed in Chaska when his friend accidentally shot him in the forehead from 100 feet away.

St. Paul is in the process of securing a state grant to create an outdoor archery range at Pig's Eye Park, according to the Pioneer Press.

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