St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman disses Uber after botched pickup

Mayor Coleman (right) didn't sound ready to shake hands with his no-show Uber driver Tuesday night.

Mayor Coleman (right) didn't sound ready to shake hands with his no-show Uber driver Tuesday night.

It’s never good to piss off the man at the top. But it seems a controversial ridesharing company has irked the biggest dog in St. Paul’s City Hall.

Apparently, on Tuesday night Mayor Chris Coleman was trying to snag a lift via Uber, the popular ridesharing service that’s reached verb-level ubiquity. However, the app-based car connector didn’t work as smoothly as advertised for the DFLer. After punching in his coordinates and eventually calling the driver to confirm the pickup spot, the guy supposedly never showed, but Coleman's card was charged anyway.

Like any incredulous consumer out $10 and just wanting to get home, the mayor ripped the company on social media, calling Uber the "worst excuse 4 service ever."

Oh, snap! Stately mayoral burn!

— Chris Coleman (@mayorcoleman) September 30, 2015
Who knows, maybe the driver was a Republican with an ax to grind about his property tax bill. Or maybe Jesse Ventura, needing extra cash to pimp his bunker, now drives for Uber, and we know how he feels about St. Paul’s snaky streets.

Either way, the politician pickup fail comes as Uber faces increased scrutiny over labor practices, and regulators across the globe continue grappling with how to manage the growing company. It’s been nearly a year since St. Paul adopted rules for ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft. At the time, two dissenting council members expressed concerns that the companies wouldn’t have to share info on its drivers with the city as regular cab companies do, according to the Star Tribune. One worried drivers would ignore poor neighborhoods and people of color.

We wanted to ask Coleman what his rider score is, but apparently he was too busy running a city or something to comment Wednesday morning.

What’s your experience riding the Uber express? Slickest service of all time or constantly screwing you over? Let us know in the comments.