St. Paul man's letter to cop: "If I could have put some lead in your skull, trust me, I would have"

St. Paul resident Michael Mangan, 42, had an elaborate plan to kill his ex-wife and others who he believed did him wrong during his divorce, Ramsey County prosecutors say.

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Investigators began their latest investigation into Mangan last month (Fox 9 reports he's been investigated for domestic crimes at least five times previously) after he told his sister and brother-in-law he was keeping track of a list of people who were on his shit list. The sister and brother-in-law, concerned about what Mangan might do, reported their fears to police.

But Mangan wasn't arrested until early this month. A Star Tribune report explains:

St. Paul police called Mangan on Oct. 3 to talk about an incident in which three of his ex-wife's car tires were flattened. "I have much bigger plans in place!" he "angrily yelled," according to the complaint. "God help any police officer who knocks on my door!"

Mangan was arrested on Oct. 4 during a traffic stop. Police found a loaded gun, "hundreds of rounds of ammunition," a boot knife and a gun-cleaning kit. A search of his home in the 1000 block of Avon Street yielded sealed letters addressed to 11 addresses or groups of addresses, which Mangan's girlfriend told police he had instructed her to send once he was "gone," the charges said.

KARE 11 details what the "bigger plans" Mangan referred to were:
Padilla says Mangan showed his brother-in-law sketches of his ex-wife's apartment and workplace. The complaint states he planned to arrive in a car, enter the residence, kill and then escape in a different vehicle, and if officers tried to stop him, he would kill them too. The brother-in-law was so disturbed he went to police.
And about those letters he had already written, addressed, and sealed? KARE reports that one addressed to a police sergeant said, "If I could have put some lead in your skull, trust me I would have...see you in hell."

According to Fox, others who were to receive letters included Mangan's ex-wife, one of her friends, two pastors from his ex's church, a court referee who oversaw the divorce case, and a Minnesota Department of Commerce investigator.

Police say they aren't sure how close Mangan was to carrying out his plan, but in comments made to KARE, St. Paul PD spokesman Howie Padilla said the arrest "prevented the possibility that something could happen."

"There was a weapon, ammunition, letters written to people he was unhappy with. So for that maybe we sleep a little better tonight," Padilla continued, this time speaking to Fox.

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