St. Paul is the 8th-least sad city in America

As we gird ourselves for winter, it seems worthwhile to mention that -- according to a new Men's Health article -- St. Paul people are way, way happier than the denizens of Miami, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

So they can take all that sunshine and cram it.

To make the list, the magazine used suicide rates, unemployment numbers, number of households that are on antidepressants, and the number of citizens who report feeling lousy in general. Each city got a letter grade based on the outcome.

They crunched the data for 100 U.S. cities and discovered that, statistically speaking, St. Petersburg, Florida, is the most miserable place in the country. Detroit, Memphis, Tampa and Louisville rounded out the top five most chronically-crestfallen cities.

On the other end of the spectrum, St. Paul was declared "blues-proof" earning an A- on its happiness report card. That makes it the 8th-least sad in the country (Honolulu took the title of "least sad city," which makes sense. Fargo ranked third, which does not.)

Minneapolis was not terribly far behind, earning a B+ and the 14th least-sad spot.

Read the whole list here.

It just goes to show you -- sunny can't buy you happiness.

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