St. Paul has the 10th most hot single babes

St. Paul has the 10th most hot single babes
Photo by Dave Eckblad

For its latest listicle, "Where the Hot Babes Are," Men's Health Magazine asked all the single ladies in the U.S. to put their hands up, and counted the 10th most in fair St. Paul.

According to their calculations, the Saintly City beat Minneapolis by a long shot for the number of well-educated, gainfully employed hotties living la vida sola.

Makes sense, since St. Paul also gave the magazine its 84th Hottest Woman of All Time, Loni Anderson.

The rankings factored in the ratio of single women to single men, the percentage of employment among women, and the number of those who are college educated. Oh, and how many are going to the gym. They crunched those numbers for 100 U.S. cities and churned out the hot list.

St. Paul beat out not only sister city Minneapolis (which ranked 17th) but also breastinations like Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Here's the top ten, with letter grades:

1. Washington, DC A+

2. Portland, ME A+

3. Boston, MA A

4. Seattle, WA A

5. New York, NY A-

6. San Francisco, CA A-

7. Durham, NC A-

8. Raleigh, NC B+

9. Oakland, CA B+

10. St. Paul, MN B+

Read the whole list here.

Then again, in a glass-half-empty kinda way, this must mean St. Paul and Minneapolis are both suffering a dearth of eligible bachelors. Hm.

Previous local rankings:

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