St. Paul deer hunting goes old school

When the going gets tough, city folks have to learn to work for their own suppers. And they're doing it with a good old-fashioned bow and arrow show down. St. Paul residents beware.

Crosby Farm Regional Park in St. Paul will be closed today through Wednesday for a permitted deer hunt to help reduce park's deer population. The hunters are trained archers with the Metro Bowhunters Resource Base who were asked by the city to help out for the first time in the city. Another deer hunt in Crosby Park is scheduled for November 3-5. At least these hunters won't have to worry about chewing on lead when they enjoy their fresh-caught meat.

Well, since they are trained bowhunters, it kind of takes the fun out of it. We were preparing our own bow and arrow sets to participate in the city hunting and are quite disappointed that you actually have to be part of a nerdy club to partake in the excitement. We always thought human hunters should have to actually work for their kills, unlike the many who perch in trees drinking beers until a clueless animal steps into the vicinity of their tree house.

Apparently it's "Deer Gone Wild" in St. Paul as the animals are accused of destroying gardens and getting into accidents with cars. Can we use bow and arrow battles in our own neighborhoods when unwanted new residents start causing problems? Those pesky neighbors who have friends and bonfires are really getting on our last nerve.

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