St. Paul Crooks Posing as Woman Set Up Online Meetings Only to Rob New Friend Seekers

Three men in St. Paul were robbed in separate incidents by bandits posing as a woman online.

Three men in St. Paul were robbed in separate incidents by bandits posing as a woman online.

Each dude must have thought about the possibilities.

In three separate instances, the men — one from Richfield, another from St. Paul, and another from Minneapolis — had been communicating last week via social media with a person they believed was a young lady. Her messages were friendly and inviting if only they would come to St. Paul.

And so these men, perhaps "looking to make" a new friend, according to St. Paul Police Spokesman Steve Linders, strapped on their seat belts and headed for the Capital City.

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The first aspirant arrived at an apartment building on East Magnolia Avenue in St. Paul from Richfield during the rooster's hours last Wednesday. It was a little past 4 a.m. when the 34-year-old man was greeted by three men, one pointing a handgun.

The man surrendered his wallet and cellphone. A physical pummeling was proceeded by demands for his car keys. As karma would have it, the bandits drove off in the ride that really belonged to the victim's ex-girlfriend.

Less than three hours later, a 24-year-old St. Paul man suffered a similar fate.

At the same apartment building, the man was assaulted by a trio of robbers who made off with his wallet, cellphone, laptop, and house keys.

The third incident took place during Thursday's early morning hours.

A 22-year-old Minneapolis man had arranged an online meeting with a woman in the area of Geranium Avenue and Rice Street in St. Paul. Upon arrival, he was confronted by three men. The victim was punched, pistol whipped, and relieved of his wallet.

St. Paul police officials have victim descriptions of the assailants and are currently investigating.

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