St. Paul Condemns Station 4, Former Lowertown Metal Club

The St. Paul metal club no longer rocks, but it does have "major" foundation problems.

The St. Paul metal club no longer rocks, but it does have "major" foundation problems.

In its heyday, Station 4 gave grizzled dudes a platform for screaming garbled lyrics about death and decay. Ironically, the late metal club is apparently decaying itself.

Following a recent inspection, the city of St. Paul condemned the Lowertown building.

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On May 22, city inspectors had a look inside the darkened club, discovering 43 deficiencies, the Pioneer Press reports. The worst of the bunch are "major" problems with the foundation, soft spots in the roof, and an old sprinkler system that isn't up to code.

To the dismay of St. Paul's metal community, the longtime headbanger's bar shuttered in 2013. With Lowertown gentrifying and the then forthcoming light-rail line and Saints stadium, the owners planned to convert the affectionately dingy club into a brewpub and blues bar. But that never happened.

The three-story building sits on the corner of Fourth and Sibley streets, across from Union Depot Station and blocks from CHS Field.

Station 4 was the last incarnation of clubs in the space catering to metal fans. It succeeded the Lab and Ryan's, with a metal history dating back to the '80s. Apartments and rehearsal studios above the bar were often rented by metal bands.

Rob Carlson rented studio spaces there on two occasions. Aside from a routinely broken elevator, he says the building was in better condition than other studios around town. However, his friends say things went downhill after he left in 2010.

"I heard things kept getting worse and worse and worse," he says.

A call to co-owner Alan Peterson was not immediately returned.

If the problems aren't fixed the building will be ordered vacated.

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