St. Paul bars giving away one round of beers to government employees


Two words: free beer. But you only have until 6 p.m. to claim it, and you must be a government employee with a proper ID.

Four bars in St. Paul are offering one round without charge to make the first day of the government shutdown a little easier.

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"It's a little perk for the federal workers," says Tony DeGross, manager of Burger Moe's. "They're in the cross hairs."

The Twin Cities are home to thousands of government employees, but it's unclear how many were told to stay home today. There's also no telling how many will come out for free suds.

Jay Johnson, general manager of The Liffey, says he doesn't mind taking a hit in exchange for getting the word out.

"Let's end this thing so we don't have to keep giving it away," he says.

The two other bars are Tom Reid's and Eagle Street Grille.

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