St. Olaf wins Rube Goldberg Competition

Lutherans sure love screwing with bulbs. Especially ones at St. Olaf College. The dynamic minds won the national Rube Goldberg competition. This is seriously the coolest science competition in the nation. All those years playing Mouse Trap don't compare to the video you are about to see.

Watch the video on their website.

It's a series of three rounds. The goal is to replace a light bulb with something more energy efficient. The Olaf crew chose LED lights and a system that had 239.2 steps.

While round one was a scratch, the next two were perfection. Their machine involved a toy monorail, billiard balls, monster cars, marbles and some awesome physics. It is freaking rad and makes the kids who were tricked into getting an English degree jealous.

City Pages salutes St. Olaf with the super-secret chant of Lutheran private school kids:

We're the Mighty Lutherans!
Ya sure Ya Betcha!

Nice work, Ollies.

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