St. John's University bros chant 'Build that wall!' just like Jesus would [VIDEO]

A handful of loud bros at St. John's University really want a wall built very, very far away from them.

A handful of loud bros at St. John's University really want a wall built very, very far away from them.

 The people of Collegeville, Minnesota, home to St. John's University, are positively swarmed by a certain demographic type that would give many Americans the creeps.


Out of some 3,300 people living in that central Minnesota town as of 2010, more than a quarter are Benedictine monks. 

Roughly half the residents there are St. John's University students, or "Johnnies," as they call affectionately call themselves, and as some non-students call them not-so-affectionately.

The Catholic university town is almost entirely white; less than 1 percent of its people black or Hispanic. 

Judging by a video posted online this past weekend, there are fewer minorities living in Collegeville than there are assholes.

"Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall!" chants a really, really loud group of St. John's bros. 

This shouting is being inflicted on a bus-full of other passengers. One of them, Lucy Dornbach, a student at the neighboring all-women's College of St. Benedict, decides this sinful moment should be documented and shared with the broader public. Dornbach holds a phone up, shooting over her shoulder, capturing all the fun these guys are having endorsing Donald Trump's plan to build an immigrant-proof wall some 1,500 miles to their immediate south.

"Is this what it means to be a Johnnie?" Dornbach asked in a Facebook post featuring the video.

Answer: We shall see.

The video, evidently captured on a campus-connecting bus called "The Link," is now under investigation, according to KSTP, and on Tuesday inspired a public student-led demonstration condemning the video and supporting immigrant populations.

St. John's vice president Father Doug Mullin tells the TV station the school's "challenge" is "building dialogue in the midst of a campus and a country where people are really divided from each other."

Reached for comment on Tuesday, Jesus wept.