St. Cloud's Kevin Petroske allegedly secretly filmed women through their windows

St. Cloud's Kevin Petroske allegedly secretly filmed women through their windows
Kevin Petroske

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Around 9:30 p.m. on August 3, a woman living just off St. Cloud State University's campus called police to report that she could see what looked to be a man peeping through a window at another woman and possibly filming while he did so.

Sure enough, when officers arrived at the scene on the 500 block of Sixth Avenue South, the man, later identified as 33-year-old Kevin Petroske, was "standing at a bedroom window staring in the small opening at the bottom of the window where the blinds were not covering," a criminal complaint says.

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"There was a three inch area between the window frame and the blinds where the suspect was looking in," the complaint continues. "The suspect had a cell phone in his hand and kept bobbing back and forth near the window. He kept looking in the window and would every once in a while duck down and then stand back up."

After watching that creepiness unfold for about a minute, the officer approached Petroske. Sensing the jig was up, he "took the phone down away from the window and began walking towards Sixth Avenue acting as though he was just texting on it," the complaint says.

But the officer wasn't buying it, and Petroske was placed under arrest.

The officer returned to the window, through which he could see a woman wearing a bath towel, putting on makeup. She said she didn't know who Petroske is and had no idea she was being peeped at. The officer also found "a small hotel size bottle of body lotion sitting on the windowsill that the suspect appeared to be using for masturbating while outside the window."


But that's not all. A Stearns County official tells us Petroske was released from custody after being hit with a gross misdemeanor charge in connection with that incident, but was re-arrested Tuesday after an analysis of his phone revealed at least 25 separate incidents of "stalking and interfering with privacy, some of which included Petroske masturbating while video recording his victims," as the St. Cloud Times reports.

Petroske now faces up to 25 felonies. We'll find out the specifics soon, as he's due in court for arraignment on the new charges today.

:::: UPDATE ::::

Petroske was charged with two felonies and six gross misdemeanors today.

According to a newly filed criminal complaint, Petroske's phone contained "39 different recordings of young, white females, all between the ages of 19 and 21, where the defendant had looked into the windows of these victims."

"Many of the recordings showed the victims naked or partially clothed," it continues.

Petroske secretly recorded one 21-year-old victim six times between mid May and late June.

Police have so far identified six victims. All "were extremely upset by what the defendant had done and were fearful of the defendant as a result of the criminal acts that he committed," the complaint says.

To read the charges for yourself, click to page two.


Petroske Charges

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