St. Cloud Superman not guilty after making fun of man's limp

Leave it to Superman to somehow escape the wrath of the criminal justice systems. John Fillah, St. Cloud's resident "Superman," was charged with disorderly conduct in March 2009, but a Stearns County judge found him not guilty for the incident. Now he can go back to standing on corners bugging people.

Here's what went down: In March 2009, Fillah was on the St. Cloud State campus when a man walked by and called him a "loser" and told him to "get a job". How would Superman respond? By calling out the man for walking like a limp. The man apparently had a medical condition that caused his bad walk, but Superman wasn't worried about that.

An argument erupted and the man called police on Fillah. He argued his statemnts during the interaction weren't "fighting words" that would lead to a disorderly conduct charge. Apparently he was right.

Lesson learned: Superheroes can rip on people with disabilities! All is right in the world.

Check out Superman in action:

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