St. Cloud State and MSU-Mankato rank among universities with worst professors, study says

Both of these MnSCU schools have proud hockey traditions, but aren't necessarily known for academics.
Both of these MnSCU schools have proud hockey traditions, but aren't necessarily known for academics.
Image by Tatiana Craine

Okay, so nobody was about to mistake either of them for Harvard or Stanford in the first place. But still, it's disappointing to see both St. Cloud State and MSU-Mankato on The Center for College Affordability and Productivity's list of the 25 universities with the worst professors.

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The list is based on data culled from, which allows students to rate professors based on helpfulness, clarify, and easiness, then combines the helpfulness and clarify metrics for an overall score.

According to the list, St. Cloud State has the eighth-worst professors, while MSU-Mankato has the 13th-worst. The Midwest as a whole could apparently use an infusion of professorial talent -- 11 of the schools on the list are from our region.

Here's the full 25 list, with the university with the worst professors at the top:

1. U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (NY)
2. Michigan Technological University
3. U.S. Coast Guard Academy (CT)
4. Milwaukee School of Engineering
5. New Jersey Institute of Technology
6. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)
7. Widener University (PA)
8. St. Cloud State
9. Bentley University (MA)
10. Indiana State University
11. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA)
12. Central Michigan University
13. MSU-Mankato
14. Pace University (NY)
15. Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ)
16. Seton Hall University (NJ)
17. Westminster College (PA)
18. Howard University (DC)
19. Iowa State University
20. University of Toledo (OH)
21. Truman State University (MO)
22. Illinois State University
23. University of Connecticut
24. Oregon Institute of Technology
25. University of Maryland

While we're surprised to see both SCSU and MSU on the list, we're equally surprised to learn that Rate My Professors still exists. We thought it went the way of flip phones and Myspace, so take this ranking for what it's worth.

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