St. Cloud man stabs pedestrian because he wouldn't share sidewalk


It's wintertime, which means the sidewalks are skinny as home and business owners are too lazy to shovel the full width of the walking path. So when you encounter one of those people who refuses to share the path with you in St. Cloud, it's only appropriate to stab them. How else are you going to get to your destination?

St. Cloud police say the incident happened early Friday morning. Two men were walking towards each other on a sidewalk and an argument erupted when neither man would move over to let the other pass. The men started to fight and when it was over the 31-year-old victim "noticed" the other man had stabbed him several times in the stomach. The injuries were minor.

Excuse me? You just notice you've been stabbed after you are done fighting? Seems like something you'd notice the moment the knife entered your abdomen. And the biggest unanswered question: Did the victim lose the fight and let the man pass on the sidewalk?