St. Cloud man headbutts squad car, threatens to kill hospital workers

We all had the case of the Mondays yesterday when we had to drag ourselves out of the holiday coma and attempt to work another short week before New Years. But at least you can tell your boss you managed to avoid headbutting a squad car and then threatening to kill hospital employees. This man isn't so fortunate.

A 20-year-old St. Cloud man is in jail today after he damaged a police officer's car with his head and then told hospital security he would kill them as he was being evaluated. Winner in our books.

Police arrested him when they came to a St. Cloud home for a domestic assault report. The man was arrested for domestic assault, underage drinking and driving, and criminal damage to property. Once he was inside the squad car, he slammed his head against the interior roof. It might be worth mentioning that police believe he was on drugs too. Perhaps it was a pain-free headbutt after all.

He was taken to the hospital for an evaluation, where he proceeded to cause problems by threatening to kill the hospital security. In addition to his other possible charges, he could now face a felony for terroristic threats.

At least he looks happy in his mugshot!

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