St. Cloud fire engine burns at fire station

This has got to be a little embarrassing.

A fire broke out in a St. Cloud fire station this morning, destroying a rig and causing smoke damage to the building. At lease one fire fighter was even admitted to the hospital afterward.

The fire alarms in Station 3 went off around 6 a.m. On-duty fire fighters rushed to the truck bay to find one of the rigs had gone up in flames. This was surely never addressed in training.

Luckily, one quick-thinking fire fighter grabbed a hose normally used to clean the rig and turned it on the fire, extinguishing the blaze.

The State Fire Marshal is still investigating. Though one was brought to the hospital, no fire fighters were seriously injured. The station, however, was not so lucky. The smoke damaged parts of the building and has temporarily rendered the bay unusable, meaning it's a bad time to have a house fire if you live near Station 3 in St. Cloud.

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