St. Cloud bigot defaces Somali market with "go home" grafitti

St. Cloud cops report no leads in the vandalism of Hared Jibyil's market.

St. Cloud cops report no leads in the vandalism of Hared Jibyil's market.

When Hared Jibyil showed up at his Hormud Market on Division Street this morning, he found that the storefront had been spray-painted with a message:

"Go home."

But Jibyil is already home. He moved to the U.S. from Somalia in 2001, and he's owned the store since August.

Sounds like another round of bigotry in St. Cloud.

Linda Wander owns Sheer Dynamics, a nail salon next door to Jibyil's grocery store and cafe. She told the St. Cloud Times this latest incident broke her heart:

"This is ridiculous. It is just complete ignorance," Wander said. "My stomach just fell. I was sick. It almost brought me to tears."

But this past year, the bigots have been crawing out of the woodwork. This is a city whose schools are getting U.S. Department of Education scrutiny because some students have been making life miserable for Somali immigrants. This is where Sidney Elyea, who takes a dim view of Muslims, posted fliers around town showing the prophet Muhammed having sex with animals. And in the St. Cloud Times, a Baptist minister pays for an add that accuses Muslims of wanting to take over the U.S. "by immigration, reproduction, education, the government, illegal drugs, and by supporting the gay agenda."

St. Cloud cops say they have no leads or suspects in the vandalism of Hared Jibyil's market.