St. Anthony police rescind alert after jogger realizes "assault" was just joke gone wrong


St. Anthony police rescinded a crime alert they distributed Tuesday evening after a jogger reported she'd been assaulted near the intersection of Larpenteur and Snelling avenues in Falcon Heights.

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The reason? Turns out a former co-worker was just joking around and grabbed the woman to get her attention.

The incident "was labeled an assault for lack of anything else given the information initially given," St. Anthony PD Captain Dominic Cotroneo told us. "He just grabbed her from behind and didn't do anything else while trying to scare her."

The woman didn't recognize the man and ran home before reporting the incident to police, which prompted the crime alert to be sent around. But the "victim" later heard from another former co-worker who unwittingly cleared up the confusion.

"The co-worker told her that the [alleged suspect] had gone into their former workplace and told her, 'I saw so-and-so,' explained what happened and said, 'She got scared and I got scared too,'" Cotroneo told us.

The jogger, realizing what really happened, contacted police and told them to cancel the crime alert.

Asked whether the man could still face charges for scaring the woman so badly she felt compelled to contact authorities, Cotroneo said he wouldn't.

"There will be no charges since the reporting party is comfortable with the explanation provided," he said.

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