Spotted: Urban Timberwolf

Thursday, 12:15 p.m., at Winner Gas, a service station on West Broadway near Lyndale Avenue North.

An electric-lime-green Hummer with huge spinner rims and Florida plates pulls into the lot and parks next to a pump for fueling.

One excited customer comes into the store and asks no one in particular, "Hey, man, you wanna get an autograph?"

The cashier and another customer look perplexed, and the man motions outside. "You recognize him?" There's a well-chiseled black man hanging outside the Hummer, shaved head, goatee, maybe a shade over six feet in height. "That's A.C. Green, man!" the autograph-peddler says.

The cashier and the other customer are dubious. That's not the semi-legendary former L.A. Laker and avowed virgin, but the vibe is definitely N.B.A. all the way.

The excited customer heads back outside and gets a piece of paper from the Hummer driver. They exchange a soul shake and a couple laughs.

Soon enough, the vehicle heads east on Broadway toward Interstate-94. It's then that the driver's face registers: It's Anthony Carter, "AC," the currently unsigned point guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves.