Spotted: Minnesota's future revealed in a pastry, and it doesn't include a weeping Jesus!

class=img_thumbleft> Last weekend, we spotted what looked like the Son of God outlined in grease/rain/beer/urine on a 35W underpass. It was a sign that, surely, the highway will be infinitely awash in God's good blessings and Milwaukee's Best. A few days later, Minneapolis muffin makers Sanja Petrovich and Sara Troy happened upon another sign about the future of Minnesota, this time slightly less theistically themed and in a homemade baked good. During the days last week when the U of M Gopher stadium debate was heating up, a distinct and pain stricken gopher face emerged from one of their blueberry muffins. Perhaps it was an apology from the ashamed Gopher gods, or an ominous threat. Either way, the gopher didn't lie. And as to be expected, the $10.3 million price tag the state will have to fork over for the new Gopher stadium never did appear on their pastries. Afer all, who would've been able to swallow that?