Spot a Minn. moose? Tell UMD about it


We are always on the hunt for a moose (we call it "meese hunting") when we travel up north, but have never had the pleasure of running into one of these beasts in person. We even have outfits to help us "blend in" with our surroundings (think knee-high tube socks and running shorts) but we've never been able to trick them into popping out for a quick hello. If you're lucky enough to have a sighting, some Minnesota researchers want to know about it.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota, Duluth are asking the public to help them track the state's moose population through a new Web site.

Researchers believe there could be just 100 left in northwestern Minnesota and about 7,000 in the northeastern part of the state. Both areas have seen a decline in populations.

The public's reports could help researchers better track populations and check up on the health of the animals.

Report any sightings here.