Sports Illustrated predicts Brett Favre nightmare scenario

The Minnesota Vikings and its loyal fans may be excited about the prospect of Brett Favre returning to helm the team, but Sports Illustrated hasn't given into the hype. It's predecting the Green Bay Packers will be NFC champs, and QB Aaron Rodgers will walk away as league MVP.

Talk about a nightmare scenario.

The prediction was made as part of SI's annual NFL preview issue.

"Whether old What's His Name comes back or not will determine Minnesota's fate," SI's Peter King writes. "Brett Favre or no Brett Favre, the Vikings have an offensive line in decline."

King figures the Packers will beat the New Orleans Saints, the defending Super Bowl champs, in the NFC Championship game and then go on to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.

The Vikes? Only on the playoff bubble, King says.

Favre held out on training camp until the last minute this year, nursing his funky ankle and hesitating on whether he wanted to endure yet another year of battering. In recent days, wide receiver Percy Harvin's status has become unpredictable at best owing to migraines. And Sidney Rice is out for half the season after hip surgery last week.

What do we have to look forward too? Well, bookies are taking bets on another Brett Favre crocs moment.

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