Sports commission fights idea that MN too poor for new stadium

Fresh on the heels of a report that found the Twin Cities can't afford four pro sports teams, the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission is set to release a report tomorrow making the case for a new stadium.

Thursday's report supposedly documents how professional sports teams have brought $450 million in tax revenues since 1961, and that most of that money has gone to the state of Minnesota, according to a Star Tribune report.

Vikings owner Zygi Wilf wants a new stadium. Fans are worried that without it, the Minnesota Vikings might become the California Vikings -- as the Los Angeles Lakers did decades ago. A report released last week by looked at the fan base in Minneapolis-St. Paul, concluding that our collective financial heft is not enough to keep four teams afloat.

Much to the horror of fans, the Vikings have said they are not committed to the stadium after 2011. Yesterday Wilf and Gov. Tim Pawlenty had a stadium-and-coffee chat.

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