Spool's Gold comment thread

</div class=img_thumbleft>Film Editor Rob Nelson previews the upcoming Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival in this week's cover package, which includes Dylan Hicks' noble and hilarious efforts to review thirty of the festival films in one week (Up All Night), Rob's Q&A with M-SPIFF director Al Milgrom (Who Needs the Hassle? This Guy.), and Nathan Lee's article on the opening night film Bamako (How the West Was Won). An excerpt from the Milgrom interview on the difficulties organizing M-SPIFF: "Getting sponsorships is a problem. Getting corporate support is a problem. Getting industry support is hard, public support is hard. Getting grants is a problem because foundations want to make sure that you've got a Harvard MBA guy running your administration so you can fill out all the complicated balance sheets. Making a production of the whole thing, turning it into a show, is a hassle. These are the headaches of doing a film festival." Check out the cover story package, then come back to discuss.