Spooky ice ship arrives in Duluth to pick up taconite, drop off ghosts, probably [VIDEO]


This ice ship arriving at Duluth's Canal Park was watched by dozens of people who must love cold ghosts. Dennis O'Hara

Back in October, City Pages brought you the story of a debate raging along the shores of Lake Superior.

Was a huge object floating in the world's biggest freshwater lake a giant Jesus, walking on the water? Or a ghost ship?

We're now ready to pick the latter, thanks to some haunting footage taken at Duluth's harbor at Canal Park.

The Great Lakes Trader/Joyce L. Enckvor arrived at the port city just after 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday. According to the Duluth News Tribune, it was there to pick up a load of taconite, the little pellets procured from Minnesota's Iron Range mines and shipped elsewhere to be turned into good old American steel.

Before it could take on the new load, the ship had to rid itself of the cargo it was already hauling: Namely, about a metric ton of ice and -- just a guess -- the restless souls of several thousand ghosts.

The News Tribune says "a group of onlookers" had gathered to take in the eerie sight, reporting that temperatures by that time had "warmed up to about zero [degrees; why are you out here, Duluth? Trouble at home? Let's talk about this, we are all worried sick about you.]"

The ship's arrival was documented by the News Tribune (video available at the link) and by Dennis O'Hara, a local photographer specializing in natural wonders. O'Hara's YouTube collection shows he's made something of a hobby out of filming ships coming into port in Duluth. Based on the view counts, the uncanny vision of this ice ship arriving is by far his most popular upload.

O'Hara's nine-and-a-half-minute video documenting the arrival of the Great Lakes Trader/Joyce L. Enckvor can be seen below.

And here's a short amateur clip that shows what happened after she reached the harbor.

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