Speaking fees of the rich and right-wing

Strib ribs Jesse's $25k; what will they say about Sean Hannity's fee?

Here's how the Star Tribune online slugged its piece about Jesse Ventura's St. Olaf appearance today:

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura brought his high-priced national road show to students at St. Olaf College on Monday and gave a vintage speech punctuated with familiar attacks on...

Blah blah blah. Ventura's speaking fee for the event was $25,000 (reduced, the paper reports, from his usual $50,000). Outrageous? As the speaker circuit goes, no. But the Strib loves Jesse-bashing; wonder what they'll say when conservative media love slave Sean Hannity comes to town to keynote a KSTP Radio event on April 15. Hannity's normal fee is $100,000, but there's no doubt an affiliate discount here. Here's betting the Strib's political editors elect to cover the appearance, minus the snark over price. 

Some other right-wing pundit speaking fees: Ann Coulter, $30,000; Bill O'Reilly reportedly asks for $50,000-$80,000; Rush Limbaugh was getting $25,000 an appearance back in 1991.    

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