Sparky V is dead. Who really cares?

'Tis a bad day for lions across the ocean.

'Tis a bad day for lions across the ocean.

The entire state is mourning today over the loss of Sparky V. FOX, KARE11, the Strib and MPR are all on the story of the good old sea lion who kicked the herring bucket after a 20-year career in show business at the Como Zoo.

People. Stop with the fake crying.

It's as though we lost something special, instead of a creature that's been coldly replaced by a new Sparky for generations.

This incarnation of Sparky retired in 2001 for the younger, more effeminate Sealia the Sea Lion, now known as Sparky VI. He proved that no matter the president, economic climate or culture, people love it when sea lions act in anthropomorphic fashion and play the trumpet... and the zoo will continue to fill the Sparky brand with new Sparkys until the show loses its, umm, spark.

Sadly, we couldn't find video of Sparky V. So we'll have to treat you to Sparky VI. 

Though really folks, it's a fucking sea lion, get over it.

*above photo via wiki