Sonia Pitt: Bridge collapse "wasn't my catastrophe", she was the scapegoat


Fox9 (KMSP) scored an exclusive interview with Sonia Pitt, the fired Minnesota Department of Transportation's director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. In case you don't remember her, Pitt worked out-of-state for several days after the 35W bridge collapse and was eventually fired.

But Pitt says no one ever heard her story and she was essentially a scapegoat for MnDOT during the chaos.

You can watch the full interview here.

Here is a recap of the story from the Associated Press:

When asked if there was a part of her that wanted to return to Minnesota, a part of her that said "these are my people, this is my catastrophe," Pitt responded: "It wasn't my catastrophe. The Hennepin County Sheriff's office was in charge until Aug. 11."

Pitt said MnDOT told her not to talk to the media, but then "sold me out and used me as a scapegoat for what transpired on the I-35W bridge and thereafter."

At the end of July, the Star Tribune reported that after being fired by MnDOT, Pitt was back to work. This time for the Transportation Security Administration. After the reporters began questioning TSA on their hiring of her, they fired her. Later that month, the official at TSA who hired her stepped down.

Things aren't looking much better for her. She says she has no job prospects and has even been so low that she told her family where she wants to be buried. Yikes. This lady is guilt tripping us hard.