Song Xiong admits to shackling special-needs son

Song Xiong has got to be feeling the burn of karma: Last year, the Wisconsin man got caught trying to punish his special-needs son by locking him up in the basement of their Eau Claire home. Yesterday, a Chippewa County judge punished Song Xiong by locking him up in what will likely be an aesthetically comparable environment for 40 days.

Last November, Song Xiong and his wife, Mai Xiong, found themselves in a tight spot after their adult special-needs son ran away from home. They found him the first time, but worried he would do it again. The solution the two concocted? Stock up on chains and padlocks and shackle the guy to a pole in the basement. It must have sounded like a good idea at the time.

The son was able to break loose from the pole and run away again. Someone called police after spotting the man at a convenience store still in shackles, bleeding from the ankles.

For their questionable parenting technique, authorities took the son out of the Xiongs' supervision and charged them each with felonies. The parents pleaded guilty to intentionally subjecting a person at risk to abuse yesterday as part of an agreement with prosecutors, though the felony charges will go away after three years if the family behaves. Song Xiong will serve 40 days in jail for the lesser charge of recklessly subjecting a person at risk of abuse starting this October.

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